Monday, February 14, 2011

"That's Wonderful"

You know how some people would rather be the dead guy at a funeral rather than the one giving the eulogy? That's me. I hate standing up in front of a group of people and talking. 

Even worse is talking about myself.

Today was the first day of a new semester and wouldn't you know it? I had to do exactly that. "Why?"I ask. My life is boring. I don't do anything exciting. My life is school with my son and my own classes. What would a CIS class full of college age people find interesting about my life? We all are attending college classes, so that just leaves my son. College kids that I know are never big on the Mommy Brag stories.

"Hi, my name is Shelle. This is my first year back at college in twenty odd years. I spend my days virtual schooling my son and working on homework, his and mine."

 "Really? That's wonderful!" enthuses my new professor. 

He then proceeds to ask me a billion questions and has to comment on every answer. All the while I am still standing in front of 40 people, trying not to show them what I had for dinner.

Recently in my favorite online forum there was a rather vocal discussion about whether or not schooling at home is, a new parenting fad or an educational trend. One of the major sticking points was acceptance into college.  It occurred to me as I was up there sweating profusely, that this wasn't the first time a college professor was excited to learn that my child was schooled at home. In fact every teacher I have had at this level, eight since September, has been excited and supportive of my decision to do this with my child. 

I would imagine the fact I am in school myself says something about the level of commitment I have to education and that may color their perception, but it does make me wonder why there is such a disparity between the general belief that kids schooled at home won't be accepted into college because of their lack of education, and college professors/teachers being excited that these kids are getting great educations.
I also have to wonder what it says about me, that I get through this seriously uncomfortable moment by thinking about what people online would have to say about it. 

 I didn't die! I swear it would have been easier!  

 So, how was your day?

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