Monday, July 18, 2011

Adventures In Geography

ETA: We are up to more than 70 countries on 6 continents
He only needs page views from Antarctica to have views from all 7 Continents.
 Go my Little Man!

If you have been by twitter feed, my Facebook or blog posts lately, then you know that for his summer project my son is writing a blog chronicling all the fun he is having this summer. I love it because it is keeping him busy. He takes most of the pictures that he isn't in and comes up with the ideas for the posts. He is making videos every single day. He had well over 500 page views in just the first month and he is incredibly happy over that. What really has him excited is that he can track where his page hits are coming from.  Already he has regularly gets hits from Germany and Malaysia. He has also gotten hits from India, Brazil, Ireland, Canada and Russia. He would love to see his blog map light up green. I am inviting everyone outside the US to stop by. (Americans are absolutely welcome!) I am not asking for comments (though he would love to hear how other almost 8 y/o's are spending their summers) or for people to follow him (unless of course they want to) but please to just click in and give him a view.  He also doesn't have any ads on his pages. Thanks for stopping by

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