Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Find: Visual Clues.

How many times a day do you tell your kids to quiet down? If they are anything like mine, only a bajillion times. For Lian it is difficult because he really doesn't understand what "Be quiet" means. 

I ran across a great find on Pinterest this week. It is a visual representation of sound.


When the microphone picks up sound, the bubbles move. Lian was excited to give it a try.  It took about ten minutes for him to fully check it out. He tried whispers and whines to see how the balls reacts differently. It is obvious that loud sounds make the bubble react intensely, however, he also discovered that there is a visible difference between a standard speaking voice and whining at the same volume.  I have given him the challenge of keeping the bubbles as still as possible while he is doing book work.

Since he is wearing the microphone as part of his headset, he noticed that it also reacts to his excessive movements. That provided a quick in to a lesson on how sound is actually vibration, or movement. It also provided him with another clue to his behavior. He realized that he fidgets A LOT!

In the next few weeks he will begin his therapy for severe sensory issues. As a family we will be relearning all kinds of things, we thought we already knew. I love that this tool is able to give him visual clues into his behavior. With this he can see his behavior. It is no longer just some vague intellectual concept. That means he can begin to exert some control over it. He liked it so much he vlogged about about it.

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