Tuesday, July 3, 2007

So I panicked just a little

This morning I woke up to the sound of air brakes. I thought I had been dreaming because nothing that uses air brakes would fit into our tiny little parking lot. I went to the window to see a huge fire engine turning around on a dime. Well, of course my first thought was something bad had happened. There are only 8 apartments so we all know each other, if not very well, at least, enough to look out for each other. It turns out that they were just doing their yearly inspection. Whooooo! Of course Lian saw the fire truck through the window, so of course we had to get a closer look. Not to mention the very nice firemen were very easy to look at  and also warranted a closer look. (not that I noticed or anything ). We tried to stay out of the way, but they went out their way to be nice to and include my son. They even gave him a badge and a tour of the inside of their truck. Awww! I wish the shot I took of them had come out, but my batteries died just then. 

That's my white car in the window. You can see how close this truck actually is to my car in the next pictures. The guy driving this truck did an awesome job turning it around.

This is my car. You can how little room they had to maneuver.
Daddy and Lian got a tour of the inside.

Lian waves goodbye. He has been wearing his fire hat and carrying his badge ever since.

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