Sunday, November 28, 2010

The truth about schooling at home...

... you are going to have to get your hands dirty

We got to spend an afternoon up to our elbows in clay. Not that sissy modeling clay that is basically just a step above play doh. The cool stuff that leaves mud under your finger nails no matter how careful you are. That was after spending the morning in the park collecting rocks and leaf specimens. The lesson for the day was making leaf fossils and the boy picked out some great leaves to work with.  Science was never this fun at my school.

Now, if I only knew what kind of trees we got the leaves from.

What is fossil hunting without some dinosaurs?

This week we get to finish up Lian's big social studies project, designing and making a model of his very own country. He has named it Mongoria and it has a little bit of everything. He already has made the sheep to live in the plains and trees for the forests. I guess our hands are going to get a little dirty again.

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