Sunday, January 30, 2011

How addicted do you have to be?



So, on my way back to my computer after a pit stop, I glanced into the living room to find hubby on the PS3 playing a baseball game AND on his laptop playing a computer game. It's not a huge big deal that he is doing this. It's after the boy's bedtime, on a weekend and it's not like he has to be up in the morning but I couldn't resist, so I asked him, 'How addicted to video games do you have to be, that playing one a time doesn't cut it?" I giggled and wandered back to my computer. Smug in my superiorosity.

So, I get back on the computer and I hear a snicker. I hadn't heard him follow me back to my room.  "I knew it! So, how addicted to your computer do you have to be to have two browsers open with multiple tabs at the same time? And, do I see more than one program open?"

Doh! Totally busted!

I had one browser open to Lian's school, putting together a lesson plan and the other open to my personal email account so I could catch up on some correspondence.  It's not an uncommon occurrence when I have a lot to get done. It doesn't take much effort to switch back and forth. I have to admit though, it could be a sure fire sign of addiction and more likely the desperate need to get a life. 

 So how is your weekend going?

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