Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Lian has shown an uncanny ability for art since he could hold a crayon. Over the past year he has shown an affinity for drawing faces esp his grandparents. He seems to enjoy exploring the contrast between  his grandfather who is half Japanese and half Chinese and his granny who looks Scandinavian.  Over the summer he discovered mommy's camera and it became apparent that as talented as he is in graphic art he is going to go places with photography. I have been continually blown away by the composition of the pictures he takes. The colors seem to balance and the subjects are framed in such a way that they really shine.  Which is good, because his subjects are unusual ( a tv tray or  a bowl for instance) That is not to say that every picture he takes is a masterpiece, after all he does have the attention span of a three year old. His favorite subject continues to be a blank  white wall, pictures of which seem to give him immense satisfaction. I also have an amazing collection of pictures of his finger, which drifts in front of the lens unless he's concentrating very hard. That said, here, I have posted a sampling of some of his better pictures. The no-editing required kind.

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