Thursday, July 12, 2012

It's the most wonderful time of the year

 This time of year always reminds me of the old office supplies commercial in which Mom and Dad are gleefully shopping aisle after aisle of school supplies while young Brother and Sister glumly follow behind. Back to school is coming soon. 

We don't go back until the end of August but I just got two emails from Connections Academy saying that supplies have been shipped. The house is buzzing with excitement. My grumpy son who will announce loud and rude how much he detests school of any sort is excited to see his new books. He has an extra social studies course this semester and he can't wait to see what his course book will be. I remember last summer, which devolved into tears and lamenting over a loss of summer due to extensive tutoring.  I was sad that his summer couldn't be school free but his lack of grade level work demanded extra help. He was ready to drop out  completely before third grade. Still, when his third grade books arrived he couldn't wait to shoot a video for his blog bragging that he had graduated to a big kid bound math text instead of the rip out work books he had used since kindergarten (I love Connections Academy!). He had already bookmarked all the best maps in his social study book before he had it an hour. This summer I expect will be much the same. While he hasn't been exactly volunteering to do his summer tutoring, he has been doing it every day with minimal whining and stellar retention. I have no doubt that he will be better prepared to  meet this school year and I know he will have all the best parts of text books picked out long before the semester begins.

  For the first time since before kindergarten, we are both actually looking forward to the new school year. More proof, if any were actually needed, that we made the correct choice in enrolling Lian into this virtual school.  He is ready to face the challenges the new school year will bring. 

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