Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"You can fight aliens with space ships!"

Connections Academy tweeted a really great question this week. 

Classic lit is getting modernized through video games! Which books would you like to become playable?

 My response was predictable. I said any of the Oz books, Huck Finn, or Swiss Family Robinson, maybe not in that order though. I thought I would ask my family what books they thought would make a good video game. Morgan was no surprise, Fahrenheit 451, 1984 and any of Asimov's Foundation books.

 Lian wasn't so easy. I fully expected him to mention The Magic Tree House Books, or Encyclopedia Brown (both would make excellent games I think) or any of the Beverly Cleary books he has been trying to read lately. He surprised me with Anne McCaffrey's Freedom/Catteni Series.  While the books are a little old for him and he only knows about them because he has heard his parents discussing them, he is, of course, absolutely correct. That series of books would make an excellent video game. It has the possibility of good action sequences and plenty of intellectual stimulation. It might be fun to set up a new world and overthrow alien oppressors from it. Lian was going for the action game angle though.  His quote is classic.

"It has everything. You can fight aliens. You can fight space ships. You can fight aliens with space ships!"

I think I would prefer my Facebook games to  be a bit more cerebral, but I can't fault his choice. Just goes to show that even though my kid hates reading, he loves a great story. I am also pleased to know that his story choices extend past Marvel comics.

(disclaimer: for the record I have no issue with comic books. Reading is reading and I will take it in any book I can get from.)

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